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30 page e-book 

It is recommended to get Workbook One (bari version) to go along with the Jazz Blues book because it ill help you understand how to make the jazz chords and patterns that are used in the  book

​​Frequently bought together with the blues lesson above 

Frequently bought together with the package above 

Jazz Blues for Ukulele 

​Baritone ukulele version

Bari Bossa Nova 



​Introduction to the jazz chords and progressions that jazz players play use to play the blues. Jazz blues progressions are much different than ordinary 3-chord blues. Make all these very hip blues chords with just two hand shapes. The book explains and walks you through the evolution of basic three-chord blues to the cool sounds of jazz blues, using big, easy-to-read diagrams.

Learn how to play the blues using jazz chords   

Jazzy Ukulele

Workbook One



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