Recommended fake books

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Real book

Volume 1

Hard copy         Kindle digital version

This is the required fake book for the Open Voicings study.

The Real Vocal Book Volume I - High Voice

If you wish to join the study and buy the video lessons please send me a proof of purchase first so I know you have the book. Either a photo or screen shop of the online purchase receipt or a photo of your name and the book together.  

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Other great fake books for jazz player and students 

by Hal Leonard Publishing

You can buy most of Hal Leonards jazz fake books in paper or Kindle versions 

​​When you click on the book image you will link to the publishers web site and be able to see the table of contents for each book.

The fake books listed here are written with good chord changes for studying, learning and playing standards. Only a small percentage of fake books are written with good, intelligent chord changes that jazz players and students expect to see on charts when they are playing by chord concept. The writers and editors of these books are jazz aware and understand jazz patterns and how to use them. The jazz patterns aren't labeled on the songs but you will have a better chance to spot them using books like these. 


Real book Volume 2

Real book Volume 4

Real book Volume 3

Hard copy         Kindle digital version

Hard copy         Kindle digital version

Hard copy                Kindle digital version