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Pour yourself a glass of wine and let me play some

                   relaxing cocktail music for you....

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Play on a digital electric keyboard or play on a real piano?

What's the difference?

Boogie patterns

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Can't play a note?

can't play a note

This is a spontaneous New-age type improvisation where I am playing only on the white notes. 

There are many creative possibilities using only white notes. It just takes some orientation. I try to give you many ideas in the lesson entitled, "Improvising on the White Notes".


          In this web site I want to share with you some of the things I’ve                           learned along the way in my 40+ years of making my living as a                               professional pianist. I am primarily a jazz, show-tune and cocktail                       pianist but I also have a lot of roots in the blues world. 

          Maybe you can pick up some tips and ideas from my video lessons                       that you can use in your own playing, study or just for having fun.


Here I'm demonstrating nine popular left-hand boogie patterns 

Is the piano too hard?

You can always

play  jazz ukulele!

Visit my jazzy ukulele site.

Boogie tour of popular left-hand patterns 

Before the 1960's there were only acoustic pianos. The electrics and digitals came on the scene with the flourishing electric pop music in the 70's. Read more about the difference between keyboards and pianos and what it means to you. 

They all luughed

In this video I am explaining the various techniques I am using to create my cocktail piano arrangments.

Hello.... and welcome to the 

Jazzy Piano web site!

Cocktail piano secrets

 Sitting and practicing for a long time can wear your back out. I have some suggestions that might make it easier. Click on the piano bench to hear them

Boogie tour

If you've never even played a single note on the piano and think you have zero talent or ability to do so you might have fun with this free little lesson showing you how to make some nice sounds and have some fun without knowing a thing.

Try this......

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  • I've Got You Under My Skin2:00
  • All Of You3:23
  • Easy To Love3:28
  • I Love Paris5:15
  • I Concentrate On You2:51