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Before the 1960's there were only acoustic pianos. The electrics and digitals came on the scene with the flourishing electric pop music in the 70's. Read more about the difference between keyboards and pianos and what it means to you. 

​​1.The Five Jazz Chord Types - Start here. Whether you want to play cocktail piano, jazz or pop,

    you need to understand these chords first.

   The "Playing from a Fake Book Series:

   ​Matching Chord Inversions to Melody Series

​2. Matching Chord Inversions to Melody - Lesson One - Lady Be Good

3. ​Matching Chord Inversions to Melody - Lesson Two - My Buddy

4. Matching Chord Inversions to Melody - Lesson Three - Manhattan

    How to Make and Use Open Voicings Series

5. Open Voicings Lesson One - What'll I Do

6. Open Voicings Lesson Two - It Had to Be You

7. Open Voicings Lesson Three - The Man I Love


    Cocktail Piano Studies 

8. Professional Piano Techniques - Various useful techniques for beginning cocktail piano playing. 

9. Understanding the 2-5-1 Jazz Pattern - The most important chord combination to know.

10. The Minor 2-5-1 Jazz Pattern - The minor counterpart to the above lesson. Essential to understand.

11. Rootless Jazz Chords - The hip and sophisticated jazz chords. Tips for how to learn them  

12. Cocktail Runs and Arpeggios - Creating smooth piano runs and effects with one hand and two.

13. The Joy of Scales - Start from various notes in the scale that fits your hands for smoother scale work.

​14. Left Hand- Right Hand Independence - Techniques for building hand independence. Enjoyable challenge.

15. Cocktail Piano Arrangements - Demonstrates and explain elements from all of the above video lessons

16. Creative improvising on the white notes - Modal improvisation in the key of C in "New Age" and classical styles. 

    Blues Piano Series

17. Blues Lesson One - Getting started by locking in a solid left-hand groove.

18. Blues Lesson Two - learn more blues riffs to play with Lesson One.

19. Blues Lesson Three - Learn a shuffle patterns

20. Blues Lesson Four - Demonstrates and teaches nine blues riffs

21. Minor Blues Lesson One - Basic minor blues and minor blues scale

22. Minor Blues Lesson Two - Blues cliches, riffs and minor pentatonic scale ​​

Play on a digital electric keyboard or play on a real piano?

What's the difference?

Boogie patterns

Any questions?  Write to me...

 "Pour yourself a glass of wine, click on the video below and let me play

some relaxing cocktail music for you"

Can't play a note?

​Try this......

23. Jazz Blues (Part One) - Walking bass lines Jazz dominant 9 chords and the swing groove. 

24. Jazz Blues (Part Two) - The jazz blues progression explained (Five jazz chords) Jazz comp patterns.

25. Jazz Blues (Part Three) - Variations of the jazz blues progression, Jazz turnarounds, dominant 13 chords.  

In this web site I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way in my 40+ years of making my living as a professional pianist. I am primarily a jazz, show-tune and cocktail pianist but I also have a lot of roots in the blues world. Maybe you can pick up some tips and ideas from my video lessons that you can use in your own playing, study or just for having fun.

I especially enjoy working with lifetime learners and seniors who are rediscovering their interest in piano and wanting to learn how to play by chord concept instead of reading piano pieces. 


​Hi Glen,

I have just ordered your 5 Jazz Chords having stumbled upon your youtube tutorial. Thank you SO much!It is amazing. I am a classically trained pianist and have always wanted to play by ear. Your method of teaching this is really helpful as it seems to feed both sides of the equation for me . I am learning that this kind of thing needs practise as much as the Bach Preludes!! 
Before Youtube etc. I used to ask folk how they did what they did and usually got the answer that they didn't really know but "they just did it ". I concluded you had to have some kind of  gift ( which clearly some people do - yourself included) but that I certainly wasn't one of  them . Now I have some hope that I might one day, be able to play some cocktail and Jazz . So thank you again.
  Christine Lauritsen Blakey, Duns, Scotland

Mr. Rose,
  Just bought all of the Cocktail series after watching the teaser videos on YouTube.  You Sir are a gift to all us piano players.
  Really terrific and keep them coming!!
     Vince from Philly.

I just wanted to let you know that I am just starting Part 2 of the 5 Jazz chord types and am very excited by what I have already been able to learn. I also loved the segment on breaking up the major 7ths....just playing those four starting from F gives worlds of musical possibilities. Whenever I'd see those same lessons in musical notation, my brain would just freeze but you have a soothing and hands on (no pun) way of taking the anxiety out of the learning and making it enjoyable. I have already learned so much and am just at the beginning of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   
    Sandra Kennedy

​ Hi Glen
Recently I purchased most of your videos. They are just my “Cup of Tea” and the way I like to play.
  Lloyd Rees, Wales U.K.

Glen,  Thank you very much for everything. You are the best piano teacher on line because you have a clear instructions and you make  your student feel capable of learning piano, at last. I am a retiree and now serious about learning all the way, which I didn't have time and  patience before. Your video helps me understand the books and other video instructions. 
Thank you, Zeny Chua

​​Glen, I’m really impressed with my progress. Your blues videos helped so much. Yes, at first I was as a little intimated with the jazz licks listen but I'm starting to catch up. Like you say in the video take my time and practice one thing slowly at a time. I’ll be ready to dive into my first solo gig soon. I'm now playing a boogie blues line, which I thought was impossible. Yes, it's coming together.
-Bobby Harden (Lead singer, Bobby Harden & Soul Purpose, 


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Glen Rose Cocktail Piano Lesson

This is a spontaneous New-age type improvisation where I am playing only on the white notes. 

There are many creative possibilities using only white notes. It just takes some orientation. I try to give you many ideas in the lesson entitled, "Improvising on the White Notes".

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These series teach you methods

for using simple jazz chords

for playing standards in fake books   

New age improvisation

 Sitting and practicing for a long time can wear your back out. I have some suggestions that might make it easier. Click on the piano bench to hear them

Glen Rose Jazz Boogie Piano Lesson
Jazzy Piano
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Here I'm demonstrating nine popular left-hand boogie patterns 

Boogie tour of popular left-hand patterns 

If you've never even played a single note on the piano and think you have zero talent or ability to do so you might have fun with this free little lesson showing you how to make some nice sounds and have some fun without knowing a thing.