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I have played guitar professionally for over 40 years, first in rock bands and then as a jazz chord guitarist. I meet so many talented rock guitarists who don't apply their agility and fluidity into jazz so I decided to write this book to show them an easy gateway into the jazz world. There is no jazz theory to learn. You will simply and easily learn how to make the most common and useful three-chord jazz pattern that is the backbone of the jazz sound in two positions on the guitar neck. You will instantly "get" the jazz sound in your fingers and your ears.

 54 minute e-video for $24.95    

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If you have no experience playing jazz but want to pick up some chords and techniques, this video is the perfect place to start.
In it, guitar instructor Glen Rose shows you six chords that can start you on your jazz journey or just provide you with some new chords and concepts you can use to embellish what you already know. “Jazz players don’t think of chords individually so much,” Glen explains. “They think of them as little groups of two-, three- and four-chord patterns that are locked together and move around the guitar neck in different places.”PLAY SOUND Best of all for those of you unfamiliar with theory, he explains the concept without music theory or jazz lingo by walking you through each of the chords and fingerings, including some fingering options that can make the chords easier for players with small hands.

These concepts come from Glen’s book Gateway to Jazz: Play Jazz with Just Six Chords, which you can check out here.
Take a look, and be sure to check out Glen’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.
Christopher Scapelliti 

Christopher Scapelliti is editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, the world’s longest-running guitar magazine, founded in 1967. In his extensive career, he has authored in-depth interviews with such guitarists as Pete Townshend, Slash, Billy Corgan, Jack White, Elvis Costello and Todd Rundgren, and audio professionals including Beatles engineers Geoff Emerick and Ken Scott.Type your paragraph here.

Video Practice Tracks

  A set of practice tracks (27 tracks) is a video you can play along with.

Every chord is highlighted as it gets played so you can play blues

progressions with the digital band and not get lost as the chords change..

A rock guitarist's guide to

Playing Jazz Blues

How to Play Jazz Guitar with Just Six Chords
By Christopher Scapelliti published November 13, 2017


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Four-lesson package

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Glen Rose Guitar

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Use the just six chords in the book to play classic Standards

​​​​​More necessary things and more tunes

Using Major 6 chords. Using the dominant b9 for
emotional expression. Understanding extended jazz color-tone notations and ignoring them.

Songs studied: Watch What Happens, Girl from Ipanema, Days of Wine and Roses

Jazz blues guitar and Gateway Packages together
​Buy the jazz blues book/video and Play Jazz with just Six Chords book/video for  $64.95

Take a look at some pages from the book


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​Diminished Jazz chords and slash chords
Songs studied: Mac the Knife, Unforgettable, Someone to Watch Over Me, Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man

Four million Youtube viewers with thumbs up!

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All four lessons in the series    

Nearly all of the classic Standards from the Great American Song Book can be played with just the six chords taught in the above Gateway to Jazz book. 

As rock players have gotten older they often have started exploring and recording this great repertoire of songs. Artists like Rod Stewart, Will Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Gloria Estephan, Michael Bolton, Carley Simon, just to name a few. Also newer recording artists interpret them as well. Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr and Diana Krall. You may enjoy them too while expanding your repertoire.

The minor jazz pattern.

Two important chords for playing standards. (minor7b5 and Dominant7b9
                      Songs studied: Autumn Leaves, Theme from Back Orpheus, Misty, Fly Me to the Moon,Over the Rainbow.

The e-book lesson will download directly to your computer

 53 minute e-video for $22.95    

The full video lesson greatly expands on the ten-minute Youtube lesson.  The video shows you the other position for the six jazz chords that you see on the Youtube lesson as well as many nuances for both sets of shapes   

"!!!! My mind has been blown. Before even watching the lesson I felt this guy was special. You remind me of my first music teacher that taught me music and how to play the trumpet. Very patient, understandable and knows how to simplify first and then explain the concept after. Brilliant work sir! This has inspired me to take up jazz guitar!".....Lux Occulto

"Probably one of the most useful videos on YouTube, put across in a simple but effective way. thank you so much".......Al Bundy
"What a great lesson. I've never tried playing anything jazzy before..there goes Sunday afternoon. Thank you :-)"........Joe Ryan

 "What a genius and so easy to understand"................
Way Avas

 Greg here from Tucson, Az. I’m a self-taught guitar player using both nylon-string and steel-string guitars. Love them both. I’ve always wanted to learn jazz chord combo’s and your complimentary youtube offering quickly taught me the first locked three-chord pattern. I love them! Your teaching style fits players like me perfectly. I just purchased your longer video and book. Downloaded on my Mac easily and I’m off to the races. ....Greg Yoder

"Feel like I've been looking for this lesson for my whole life".............

"Just discovered your channel. You earned my sub in the first 10 seconds".......Alexandru Banica 

"This is the coolest lesson I've seen about guitars I smiled in amazement seeing how simple it was yet sound so good"...

"Thank you! You're an excellent teacher. ..ive wanted to sing and learn to play sultry, funky jazz since I was young and this is guaranteed to help me on that journey. thanks again and again". .....​Karen Sullivan 

 "Superb information here. Expertly " unexplained" The music does the talking. Thanks for sharing "....Nick Hickey 

"World class teacher, because simplification is the best route to learning as it keep one's interest alive. One of the best lessons i have seen on youtube".....David Bahar

"One of the best teacher  I've seen on youtube. Thanks a lot for your unvaluable lesson."....Carlos Bernal Calero 

Wow! This incredibly simple lesson has totally sold me on this style of music and will absolutely enhance my playing, whether it be Jazz or not. Never in a million years did I ever think I would ever consider playing jazz, and now...Marty Lemieux 

Genius method to hurl someone into jazz guitar! I went from tinkering with jazz to playing a dozen songs...​Anthony Nijmeh 

Thanks Glen, you really opened up a new perspective for me.  I love playing ( or attempting to play )James Taylor music and as soon as I heard the Bossa Nova style I thought of " Only a dream in Rio"  will try for sure.  Nice to see you are still getting positive comments 7 years down the road!  -Don.."auralharmony" 

                               I've played with George Benson and learned something from Glen. Bravo, maestro!....Joe Mauro 

I purchased the book and video about 90 minutes ago and have to say  I am completely fascinated by the ease of explanation and the clear pictures in the book which all of a sudden opened my eyes to what I have been searching for . I think in the past I have been put off by the long , fancy names for jazz chords and decided without trying that these were far too difficult for me.

 Within half an hour i was playing the three and two locked patterns both major and minor and SOUNDING jazzy !
It is half an hour after midnight here in Scotland and I am being instructed to get to bed which I will do reluctantly but I know the first place I will be heading in the morning. I can’t wait to practice these movements and fit the sounds into my favourite songs.

Thank you – Thank you .  You have given a 75 year old man a new lease of life  
Yours, Alan from the Highlands

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Orientation and explanation of method.

How to interpret the chords in fake books to match the chords in the Gateway to Jazz Guitar book.

Locating the root (bass)note in every chord.  Study song: Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine.


Jazz Guitar All Lesson Package
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You can learn the jazz blues progressions from the video lesson or the book.  Click on

the YouTube link below to get a demonstration of on the material in the book and video 

Glen Rose Guitar

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Jazz Blues package

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Three great studies from Glen Rose

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