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Bossa Nova Classics - Baritone Version 


e - video


Baritone Ukulele Bossa Nova
Baritone Ukulele

38 page e-book 


Baritone Ukulele Bossa Nova

Bossa nova rhythm is fun. This video will get you on the road to Rio!  The one hour video has step-by-step, strum-by strum instruction on how to play Brazilian bossa nova rhythm patterns just like professional musicians use. One-bar and two-bar patterns are explained in detail. Everything is shown as slowly and clearly as possible  Seeing and watching Glen Rose explain and demonstrate bossa nova strumming makes learning fun and easy.

Bossa Nova Practice Tracks


Learn how to bossa nova with jazzy-sounding chords just like you hear on Brazillian recordings. These are different than the chords used to play Hawaiian music.   

Recommended to go with the bossa nova book 

e - book

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Bossa Nova Classics - Baritone Version 


Jazzy Ukulele

Workbook One



Bossa Nova Strums video lesson 

for Baritone Ukulele 

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Loaded with diagrams and info on playing bossa nova chord patterns and rhythms. Much helpful information and history of bossa nova is included. All the jazz patterns are highlighted in this 38 page book just as in the Jazzy Ukulele Workbook. It's generally recommended that you have Baritone Workbook One before you get this bossa nova study. Learning the songs will be easier if you have it.

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the the popular Bossa Nova 3-Pak bundle for baritone ukulele 



Big 3-Pak Bossa Nova Bundle

Bari Bossa Nova 

3-Pak bundle


Baritone Ukulele
Baritone Ukulele Bossa Nova

Ten separate 10 minute longdigital Bossa Nova drum rhythm recordings that you can use for practice or just playing around and having fun while the Brazilian rhythm section keeps a groove going for you with Brazilian percussion instruments. Using the tracks is explained on the Strums Video. They turn your practice time into fun sessions.   

It is recommended to get Workbook One (bari version) to go along with the bossa nova book because it ill help you understand how to make the jazz chords and patterns that are used in the bossa nova book