This one-hour video lesson shows you how to make some advanced jazz chords that sound very jazzy and hip and they're easy to make! They all spin off of the first set of major jazz patterns in Workbook 1. You'll be able to sprinkle these sparkling chords into all the jazz standards you play. Your friends will think you sound like a pro when they hear you!

You can start working with this video as soon as you are comfortable making the jazz chords in Workbook 1.

These lessons are for tenor and all small ukuleles (For bari version visit the baritone store)   

Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 1 bundle

Learn the simple-to-play bar chord formulas that create the cool jazz sound used in all the familiar old broadway tunes and jazz standards. Step-by-step introduction to commonly used jazz chords and jazz patterns that jazz musicians use to play standards. They are not difficult to play but they are different than the simple ukulele chords used in folk, rock and Hawaiian music. You will learn that there are simple jazz-chord combinations that are repeatedly used when playing jazz standards. Once you learn the method of how the chords are combined you will be able to play many standards more easily with chords that sound jazzy.


The chord progressions studied in this book fit with standards like Autumn Leaves, Fly Me to the Moon, Mac the Knife, LOVE, and Left My Heart in San Francisco and Love Letters.  

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Glen Rose Workbook tutorial

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Advanced Jazz chords

(that are easy to make)

Jazz beginner workshop




Jazzy Ukulele
Advance jazz Chords

4-Pak Package

This 60-minute video lesson covers is just like attending the beginning Jazzy Ukulele Workshop. It works with different songs than in the Workbooks. (Song sheets included) Loaded with information on making jazz chords and patterns easy and understandable. If you are just starting out with jazz chords this is a great place to begin.



Workbook 1 Video Tutorial

 Workbook 1

3-Pak Package

This is the companion tutorial video for Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 1. It greatly expands on the the information in the book with lots of tips on intros, endings, strums and song form. In addition to showing how the six songs in the book should be played, it takes you slowly and up close through all the jazz chords and patterns used and explains fingerings.

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Learn how to make the familiar, jazzy-sounding chords that are used in the old jazz standards, These are different than those used to play Hawaiian music.   

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Check out some of thee videos that are using jazz patterns from the Workbooks. . .

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Glen Rose jazz Ukulele

Workbook 1 Practice Tracks

Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 1 bundle

Learn the simple-to-play bar chord formulas that create the cool jazz

sound used in all the familiar old broadway tunes and jazz standards.

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Jazz Beginners Workshop Video

Get an online download of your computer for the songs in Workbook 1. These practice "music-minus-one" tracks are recorded with bass, drums and piano melodies so that you can practice playing along with the songs in the workbook. 


46 page e-book