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I use my baritone in workshops because it's easier for the class to see. Also the large body resonates with a bigger sound.
I play the baritone ukulele tuned in two different ways. One in normal DGBE, bari tuning and another for many of my YouTube videos that's strung with baritone length, C-tuned strings. (GCEA) This allows me to play along with smaller ukes. If you want to string your bari this way it’s important to get baritone length strings to accommodate the size of the longer instrument. If you don't find these special baritone length, C-tuned (GCEA) strings in your local music store, Order them on Amazon by clicking here. You will see that the C-tuned string set has a high-G string. I rearrange the string order to create a low-G with them. Read more about that below. 

Jazz Blues Ukulele

 For small and baritone ukuleles

Glen Rose Jazz Ukulele

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Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 2

I like to use a low G string on my ukuleles when I’m playing jazz standards or blues. Playing with the typical high G is cool but I prefer a low G string myself because it brings out a more true sound for the jazz chords. There are various ways to put a low G on your ukulele. You might want to try it out yourself sometime. If you’re interested to hear more about how I go about making a low G string on my sets, I go into it in great detail in Jazzy Ukulele Workbook One. You can also click on this button to read and download more information on it.


Why learn jazz patterns?

When you study jazz patterns you aren't just memorizing songs. You learn how jazz chords are played together in combinations. Then, when you are learning standards, you can put these combinations to use over and over, making things much easier. There’s also a lot of creative satisfaction in just playing the patterns by themselves, even when they aren't part of a song. You can also write your own jazzy songs with them.

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Bossa Nova Classic Ukulele

Autumn Leaves Lesson

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Playing with a low G string on your ukulele

Jazz Patterns Lesson

Linda Weeks Autumn Leaves

Satin Doll Lesson

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Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 1

Most people associate the ukulele with Hawaiian music, but there is a rich tradition of playing popular jazz standards on the instrument. The Jazzy Ukulele series of books and videos will teach you how to play this style of music. The chords are not the same as the ones you learn when first starting out on ukulele or in playing Hawaiian music. They are the basic jazz chords (easy to make!) Which have a more authentic sound associated with the classic style of jazz standards and classic old movies and Broadway tunes. The sounds of these chords will wake up your ears to new creative possibilities for your playing!