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This is a supplement to the Baritone Workbook One and much more. There are new songs to work on and it also continues building on the concepts in the Baritone Workbook. You will play the same songs but with different hand shapes and positions which automatically convert each song to a new key! You might even find that these new keys are better for your voice, making them easier to sing. The arrangements will allow you to play along with the smaller ukuleles because the new keys match the tunes from their version of Jazzy Workbook One.

 Up & Down the Baritone Ukulele Neck 


Up and Down the Bari neck

40 page e-book 

Baritone Ukulele


Up & Down the

Baritone Ukulele Neck

Frequently bought together with the Up & Down the Baritone Neck 

Baritone Workbook 1 ebook/e-video package


Understanding the baritone Ukulele and comparing it to the tenor ukulele tuning

e - book