Blues Lesson 4 -  Riff Demonstration Lesson  

 Nine blues riffs explained   

Some of my favorite blues videos

Blues Lesson 3 - Shuffles  

 Playing with a basic left-hand shuffle pattern   

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All of the lessons in Basic Blues Series use this 6-note “major” blues scale. It's a unique scale in that it has both a minor 3rd and major 3rd  in it. There are many types of blues scales. It is often referred to as a major blues scale. It's the one that your ear expects to hear when the blues are played.

Nat King Coles Version of Route 66

It will be easier to work with this video if you first work with the two lessons above. The shuffle patterns are popular with blues and boogie pianists. In this video I demonstrate how to make one of the most popular left hand patterns by first starting with a straight time (non-shuffle) pattern. Once you’ve get that down then learning the shuffle pattern easier. The shuffle pattern has to stay steady and play through all three chords so you can improvise and solo with the right-hand. I show how to integrate the clichés in Blues Lesson #2 with the shuffle. 

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If you would like to learn how to play solo blues piano Blues Lesson One is a great place to start. Playing solo blues piano all begins with a repeating left-hand rhythm pattern. There are many fun and dazzling left-hand patterns that can be learned. However, I recommend starting with Blues Lesson One.

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This lesson follows Blues Lesson #1 above. Once you’ve learned the left-hand walking blues line in the first lesson you will want to learn some blues clichés blues riffs to play with it.  This lesson shows how to make several variations on a basic blues cliché in your right-hand with up close camera work showing you exactly how each cliché is made and how it fits into the left-hand walking rhythm pattern. You learn how to tie clichés and blues riffs together to make complete blues solos.

See video clips of Art Tatum, Nat King Cole and Oscar Peterson in this casual interview with Clint and Ray.

Here is one of my favorite blues players Bob Jackson,

playing his arrangement of the St. Louis Blues Boogie Woogie!

Bob plays at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

You can contact him at:  

MinorBlues Lesson One 

 The basic 12-bar minor blues & minor blues scale  

Blues Lesson One is easy to work with and teaches two-handed coordination, groove and independence. With a little practice you will be able to consistently play a strong, repeating left-hand boogie figure. Then you can begin working on blues riffs and scales with your right-hand while your left-hand stays solid and repetitive. Working with basic three-chord blues you will get introduced to a blues scale for improvising over the easy left-hand, walking-boogie, bass line. After you get this lesson working the next one, Blues Lesson Two, will show you how to make blues clichés and blues riffs to add to your groove to make more blues sounds.

Blues Lesson One 

Walking Boogie Blues - 12 Bar Blues Lesson

MinorBlues Lesson Two 

 Blues cliché, Riffs and minor pentatonic scale  

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This is a new series on the minor blues. Minor blues is not the same as the "normal blues" that we study in the above lessons. You use minor chords and minor scales and generally it could be described as a darker, more dramatic sound.

​All of the lessons in this first series of Minor Blues lessons use this 6-note “minor” blues scale in the key of Am. There are many types of blues scales but we start with this one because it will be very familiar to your ear and fun to play.

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​​A minor !

Blues Cliche's

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Blues Lesson Two 

Blues Cliches’


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Blues Shuffle


Piano Series

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Playing the minor blues gives your ear a refreshing change from the normal blues sound.  


Walking Boogie
Minor Blues

This lesson continues to build on the concepts introduced in Minor Blues Lesson One. Starting with blues clichés that sound very bluesy that you can put into your repertoire and then you will learn how to make your own clichés. The minor pentatonic scale is explained and shown as an alternate to the 6-note blues scale learned in Minor Blues One. Several 12-bar arrangements are studied to give you a starting place for which to build your own improvisation upon. Improve techniques are discussed as well.    

Glen Rose Blues Piano

This is the first lesson in the new series on minor blues is in Am, which will put you on mostly white notes and is very friendly in the hands. It moves along at a slower pace than the above series on the basic 12-bar blues. We go thru the 12-bar progression made up primarily of minor chords and show how to get the two hands working together with a right-hand rhythm groove over a slow, walking, left-hand bass line. The 6-note minor blues scale is explained and improvisation techniques are shown. Playing the blues is all about improvisation and this video hopes to show you how to loosen up and start developing ideas of your own. 

Minor Blues scale


Basic Blues Piano Series  


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This advanced lesson shows nine blues licks to use the 12-bar blues with the walking bass line over the walking-boogie bass line taught in Basic Blues Lesson One.It demonstrates how each of the blues licks are played and how to string them together to make an interesting blues solo. It is recommended to first work with Blues Piano Lesson One and Two from this series before working with this advanced lesson. 


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Bobby Troup. The songwriter and

pianist who wrote "Route 66."

Blues Piano