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Workbook 2

Glen Rose Ukulele

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Glen Rose Ukulele

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Glen Rose Ukulele

  Workbook Two

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These lessons are for tenor and all small ukuleles (For bari version visit the baritone store



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Glen Rose Ukulele

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Workbook 2 introduces the other four sets of hand shapes for the jazz chords. In Workbook 1 you were given the first four sets of hand positions to play jazz standards with. In this book you will be given the other four sets of jazz hand shapes. Discover more cool jazz sounds to use in your playing.


The chord progressions studied in this book fit with standards like Honeysuckle Rose, Don't Blame Me, Ghost of a Chance, Satin Doll and I'm in the Mood for Love. Packed with 46 pages of jazz secrets, tips and tricks.

The other four sets of chord shapes used to make the familiar,

jazzy-sounding chords that are used to play jazz standards  

This is the companion lesson video for Jazzy Ukulele Workbook 2. It greatly expands on the the information in the book with lots of tips on intros, endings, strums and song form. In addition to showing how the songs in the book should be played, it takes you slowly and up close through all the jazz chords and patterns used and explains fingerings.

Workbook Two 

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